South Sound Green Party

Our monthly meetings are open to the public you can view our current and archived agendas and meeting recaps above.

South Sound Green Party has set the ambitious goal to plant 365 trees in 2021. Check our progress and sign up to help by clicking above.

Monthly meetings are generally held at 6pm on the 2rd Tuesday of the month. We use the free and secure platform Jitsi Meet, no account creation required.

Local Mutual Aid

South Sound Green Party is committed to supporting local mutual aid efforts throughout the Salish Sea. Learn about current needs and projects above.

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Our Allied Organizations

#LeftUnity is integral to everything that South Sound Green Party does. From mutual aid to tree planting, we're committed to working with like minded people.

In The News: On The Ballot!

Green Party Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates gain ballot access.

Campaign Over: Work To Do

Learn about the H'20 legacy, sign up to volunteer, and donate to the candidates.

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Dig into the platform of the Green Party of the United States and learn our stances on the issues.

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